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Biology 30 enables students to develop a deeper understanding in human physiology, genetics and ecology. Students will conduct investigations and understand scientific theories related to: homeostasis and the senses, reproduction, molecular genetics and population dynamics.

Students will focus on four main units of study throughout the course: 

Unit 1: Nervous and Endocrine Systems

  • Nervous System
  • The Senses
  • Endocrine System

Unit 2: Reproduction and Development

  • Reproduction and Development

Unit 3: Cell Division, Genetics and Molecular Biology

  • Cell Division
  • The Basis of Heredity
  • Beyond Mendel
  • Molecular Genetics

Unit 4: Population and Community Dynamics

  • The Genetic Basis for Population Change
  • Population Changes
  • Population Interactions

Students taking work experience should be prepared to work.

After completing a self assessment and safety review, students will choose a local business to perform duties outlined by the employer.

Weekly Hours summaries must be completed using the moodle system.

This is a place to plan and share and discuss projects, and planning regarding the MUI Math Professional learning community.